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"Gay and lesbian filmmakers have to make their own stories, and prove they're profitable at the box office. Slowly, that's beginning to happen. It's easy to find homophobia everywhere--and it does exist everywhere --but everything depends on the individual talent. Movies are difficult to make period--what matters is the people you work with, and the faith you have in the material."

Rudnick rhapsodizes about a future he admits won't happen anytime soon. "I can't wait until homosexuality is greeted with a kind of ordinariness, when gay and straight characters are woven together in the same film and nobody notices. That will be the real victory."

Until then, he has been pleasantly surprised at the ubiquity of gay identity in America. "In shopping this movie around to gay and lesbian film festivals across the country, I was shocked to discover how many there were, and in such small towns. I predict homosexuality will replace the prom in American culture."

Jeffrey. Orion Pictures. Steven Weber, Michael T. Weiss, Patrick Stewart. Screenplay by Paul Rudnick. Directed by Christopher Ashley. Opens August 18 at the UA Cine.

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