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Just Not Enough

Part watered-down Neil LaBute, part Seinfeld episode (especially the one in which George's fiancee licks the poison glue and dies) and part Waking Life, Just a Kiss follows a group of youngish couples (Ron Eldard, Kyra Sedgwick, Marisa Tomei, Patrick Breen and Taye Diggs, among others) in New York as they cheat on each other with one another. Except some parts may not be real. How do we know? Possibly because of the use of rotoscoped animation, familiar not only from Waking Life but also from an A-ha video some years back. Actor Fisher Stevens makes his feature directorial debut here, and while not lacking in ambition, it doesn't really succeed on any level. The actors are leaden, and when more than one character drops dead as the result of some silly narrative punch line, no one's likely to give a damn. So let's recap. Animation: cool-looking but pointless. Cast: better in virtually every other movie on their respective résumés. There. Now no more attention need be paid.
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Luke Y. Thompson

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