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Trespass: Nicole Kidman Says "I Don't Give a Fuck Anymore," Everyone Nods in Agreement

A home-invasion movie as instantly forgettable as its title, Trespass is not without disturbing images: namely, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as spouses. The two Nics play Kyle and Sarah Miller, owners of a sprawling modernist manor and parents of back-talking teen Avery (Liana Liberato). Yet the luxe exteriors cannot mask Sarah's growing unhappiness over diamond-trader Kyle's neglect; he's too preoccupied with hiding his impending financial ruin. Just as Kyle rebuffs his wife's amorous advances, four crazies posing as cops break in, setting forth an increasingly nonsensical plot but relieving us of more unsettling Cage-Kidman smooches. First-time screenwriter Karl Gajdusek's attempts at making timely observations about the dangers of living beyond one's means are drowned out by the howlers coming out of the characters' mouths. Although Kyle's line to his captors, "If it's a kidney you want, then take mine, ass-fuck," could have been uttered by Cage in any one of his vehicles from the past decade, hearing Kidman bellow, "Do it, so we can all die because I don't give a fuck anymore," seems to reveal the actress' desperation more than Sarah's.

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Melissa Anderson