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Thunderbird Pies

Thunderbird Pies is the third interpretation of pizza in Dallas brought to us by Jay Jerrier. He started with Neapolitan-style pizza at Il Cane Rosso, then opened Zoli's, which has New York style. This latest concept, which is technically a pandemic baby, started as a ghost kitchen out of Zoli's but has spread its wing and flown the coop. Thunderbird Pies is adjacent to its sister-spot Il Cane Rosso in East Dallas. Pizzas here are squared-up with thick crust and crispy cheese edges. Every pie uses brick cheese and has a sauce on the top. You'll find a lot of the same themes as at other restaurants, like the Honey Bastard. Here they use Ezzo pepperoni cups too, which are addictive. And there's a Cow Tipping Creamery at the location also (which Jerrier also owns).
Thunder Mifflin Pie
Angie Quebedeaux
  • Price: $$, $$$
  • Hours: Monday - Sunday, 4-10p.m.
  • Alcohol: Full bar
  • Parking: Lot available