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Pizza Lounge

A late-night hipster haven, Pizza Lounge near Fair Park boasts a surprisingly eclectic menu. Starters like a cannellini bean and cauliflower “hummus” and crispy sauerkraut balls with Jimmy’s sausage give way to a menu of creative pies like the Hawaiian, which adds macadamia nuts and a sprinkling of Kona coffee to the usual ham and pineapple combo. There’s also the Regrubmah, an unholy-yet-delicious lovechild of pizza and burgers that features a ketchup-y red sauce, three cheeses, ground beef, onions, tomatoes and pickles. Picky eaters can always build their own, with ingredients from rosemary chicken to Hatch chiles. There are also plenty of meatless options like soyrizo, Tofurkey sausage and Daiya vegan cheese that make Pizza Lounge the most veggie-friendly pizza place in town. An impressive selection of beer includes everything from local craft selections to dirt-cheap cans of PBR, plus a full selection of the hard stuff. It's open till 3 a.m. most nights, which (mostly) makes up for the fact that it doesn't deliver.