Thai's Thumbz

Courtesy Thai's Thumbz
The Thai food at this restaurant on Richardson’s north side is a cut above the quality of other similar spots around town. Thai’s Thumbz may have a cornball name, but it also has good fried rice and stellar specialties like salmon chu che, a huge salmon filet in a rich, moderately spicy curry sauce, or kao soi, the comforting coconut curry noodle soup. If anything, noodle dishes are so generous on the toppings and sauce that they could use a few more noodles. (If you’re really so inclined, you can even get your drunken noodles made with spaghetti.)

Fun fact: That wall of wine bottles isn’t from the restaurant’s cellar — it’s all the empty BYOB goodies previous customers have left behind. Go on: Contribute to the collection, and remember that evidence of your taste will be preserved for posterity.