Susie Oszustowicz

The Clover Club

Every bartender should know how to make the Clover Club cocktail. You can order the cocktail, made of gin, lemon juice, dry vermouth and egg white on top at the Uptown club of the same name. The Clover Club opened up in 2019 and has kept the Uptown area buzzing ever since. Standing in the footprint of Teddy's Room/Nikkei space, the club is meant for a slightly more mature crowd. When you show up, you’re given the option to either get a table to watch the show (which requires an order of one entree per person for “free” entry), grab a seat at the bar or hit up the rooftop for a nice view. The local singer and bandleader Hunter Sullivan was tasked with filling up the club’s event calendar. As a result, you can hear anything from crooners to big band orchestras any day of the week.

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