We don't know exactly what an Amish chicken is, but it tastes a lot better than it sounds. It ended up in a terra cotta pot at Trevi's and got transformed into a moist, tender half-bird bathed in a luscious brew of golden tomatoes, butter, bell peppers and kalamata olives. (Trevi's replaced the old Cafe D'Or.) Everything we tried was not just good or very good, but excellent, from the bruschetta alla Toscana, made with yellow and red tomatoes, red onion and shreds of fresh basil – all of which seemed redundant, given the large bread basket that goes to every table stuffed with soft garlic breadsticks, slices of delicious ancho chili bread and two or three other varieties, accompanied by olive oil and roasted garlic for spreading. Being a hotel restaurant with a need to please all types, Trevi's also offers some relatively inexpensive offerings. But go for the more elaborate fare. Our dinner at Trevi's was one of the best we've had in Dallas. One other noteworthy feature is the outdoor dining patio, which features a lovely view of the canal. You'll forget how contrived Las Colinas can be.