Trompo is their name, and tacos de trompo are their game. The trompo, a vertical spit much like that used for shawarma in the Middle East and gyros in Greece, supports layers of pork rubbed red with spices. When you order, meat is shaved off straight into a taco or a quesadilla, which adds a velvety pillow of molten cheese. The original version in Bishop Arts closed in late 2021, but its East Dallas opened earlier in the year and keeps the taco goodness alive.

Top pick: The top pick is trompo, obviously, but less obviously, we prefer it in quesadilla format as a gringa. The pirata, a quesadilla with chopped beef, is great, too.

Fun fact: The saucy, oniony paneer y poblano offering is one of Oak Cliff’s best — and messiest — vegetarian tacos.