Nastia Liukin: The Veteran Snow Tha Product: The Human Alarm Clock Stan Getz: The Presser
Jaap Van Zweden: The Maestro Nicole Stewart: The Memoir Wrangler Jason Reimer, Erik Steele and Barak Epstein: The Reel Men
Rais Bhuiyan: The Forgiver Shawn Marion: The Stopper Leslie Finical Halleck: The Chicken Quixote
Amira Matsuda: The Ambassador Robert Groden: The Plaza Man Teresa Hawthorne:
The Decider
Lea Velez: The Pace-Setter John Iskander: The Grand Marshal Rene Moreno: The Tough Director
Brek Shea: The Franchise Daniel Cates and C.d. Kirven: The Equalizers Monika Korra: The Survivor
Yasmin Bhatia and April Allen: The Alternatives Michael Sorrell: The Prez Brooke Humphries: The Party Starter
Maxwell Anderson: The Innovator Natalie Young: The Showstopper Ben Fountain: The Voice
Kevin Ruben Jacobs: The Believer Merritt Tierce: The Sharer Daniel Vaughn: The BBQ Snob
Raul and Olga Reyes: The Determined Cooks Charlie Papaceno: The Cocktail Kingmaker Jane Aldridge: The Princess of the Pumps

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