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10 Reasons Urban Outfitters Is Bad for Music

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7. At Urban Outfitters, rap ended in 1996

Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, Notorious B.I.G., Dre, Tupac ... the list goes on and on. Save for a few exceptions, anything and everything concerning rap at UO ends with the gangsta rap golden days. There's no backpack-era underground stuff (think Kool Keith, Company Flow); and there's certainly no substantial show of Southern rap (Lil Wayne, Ludacris) or nu-rap. I think I might have seen a Kanye West and/or Outkast item -- so at least they snuck some conscious, white-friendly rappers in there too. 8. With respect to hip-hop, Urban Outfitters is a graveyard.

At UO, hip-hop culture is reduced to drug abuse, death and incarceration. Jail bars, skulls and unsavory quotes are the barebones surface features that represent rap at Urban Outfitters. Worst of all, practically every piece of hip-hop merchandise offered here highlights, nearly glorifies, death. Yes, we get it: Lots of rappers died in virtue of their craft. But this is something to mourn, not glorify.

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Jonathan Patrick