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2 Chainz - House of Blues - 9/25/12

2 Chainz House of Blues Tuesday, September 25

Look, we all make mistakes.

The first mistake occurred when Daniel Hopkins somehow ended up behind the velvet rope at the 2 Chainz show last Spring.

The second mistake happened when I completely procrastinated buying my 2 Chainz ticket for House of Blues last night. September is a crazy month, and these things just happen. So I resorted to texts and Gchats and favors, determined to tip well and order often to curry favor back to the universe for taking advantage of "industry" connections.

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Just before show time, we were being escorted to an open box as 2 Chainz's DJ was warming up the crowd. It was above and beyond, it was a great view and we decided to just be grateful and hope some Cowboys would show up.

From that perch, I remembered previously wondering if the balcony really got all the way live during these pre-show sets. And it was, as DJ A-Oh mixed 2 Chainz's guest verse to guest verse, slowly building to a memorable entrance: the Chainz 16 on "Mercy." The crowd is screaming, and it feels important.

Here is the third mistake. Two songs in, a tap on the shoulder: "Ms., I am sorry, you are in the artist's box. Can you come outside for a moment?" I had just taken a photo for two girls on my right and noticed how beautiful and expensive they looked. Even by my standards, they were a bag of money. As we walked out, I realize the men look like doormen, and the women look like video goddesses. I looked down at the short black wrap dress I was donning, knowing I should have worn leather pants.

The House of Blues staff couldn't have been nicer, trying to make all parties happy. We trekked back into the wild.

And the truth is, downstairs is where people were really bending over to let you see it. 2 Chainz and his hypeman started on an Abbott and Costello-level routine to find the beautiful ladies in the crowd. Seriously, did anyone get video of this? Pausing and turning to the side, 2 Chainz says, "Instagram."

"Tru," his hypeman moans.

"Here. Get that silhouette pic," he chuckles into the mic, lifting it above his head and turning to the side.

With that joke, I am reminded of why I love this talent. His flow, his sense of humor, his mix of hip-hop norms and subversion, his entirely quotable catalog. And we haven't even started on those beats. And the dancing. The drunk girl beside me could barely walk, but she found the muse to dance.

2 Chainz ate up that hour headlining set like he'd been hungry for years. It was a pleasure to see from any view but it's a shame we got escorted out of your box, 2 Chainz, because I hear you like a bad bitch. Alas, with the people is where I belong.

Besides, what riot ever started in a box?

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