A Couple O' Country(ish) Shows To Take In This Weekend...

A few months back, when I first stumbled across the myspace page of local alt-country singer Nicholas Altobelli, I was taken aback by the maturity that this youngster displayed. Like a pleasant version of Ryan Adams, Altobelli’s mix of classic, Dylanesque folk and more modern singer/songwriter fare resonated through his recently released Streetcar Visions EP. Now comes word that Altobelli has basically completed his first full-length and is just waiting for the necessary funds in order to get the thing in circulation.

“I uploaded three new songs on Wednesday [to Myspace],” says Altobelli. “These songs will be on my album which will come out this winter, depending on the money.”

The album, Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom, is an all-acoustic affair with a thematic bent. “Unlike the last EP, this album has a personal meaning. All 10 songs relate to each other in some way.”

Here’s hoping the young Altobelli stumbles into the needed funds so we can hear the new effort, sooner than later. Catch Altobelli at Banter Café in Denton on Saturday and get a preview of the album.

Adam Carroll (Mary Bruton)

Meanwhile, whenever I hear Pat Green, I always think he should be more like Adam Carroll. Green’s homogenized, frat boy take on country is safe and radio friendly but lacks the guts and gumption of Carroll’s music. “Snortin’ cocaine off a buck knife,” sings Carroll on “Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler,” one of many great songs off his new album Old Town Rock N Roll.

Carroll will certainly spotlight the new effort at the CD release show at Love and War in Texas on Saturday night. Hailing from San Marcos, Carroll has been making quality records for nearly a decade, mixing tender and tough with similar skill and smarts of folks like Steve Earle and John Prine. Anyone who appreciates the rougher side of country music ought to check Carroll out. Just do us a favor and take Pat Green along with you. He'll thank you. I promise. --Darryl Smyers

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