A Damned Shame: 100 Damned Guns Calls It Quits. WHO WILL BE NEXT???

Bad news, courtesy the constant downer that is Preston Jones of the Star-Telegram: 100 Damned Guns' Thursday evening performance at Fort Worth Central Market will be the band's last. A shame, too: The band's long been a favorite of this here music section. Last May, Lance Lester reviewed the band's Musica de Tormeto and said, "If the boys keep this up, national notoriety could be next."

Well, so much for that. On its website, the band offers up a statement:

"Due to conflicts and honorable priorities, 100 Damned Guns will no longer continue to function as a working band. Thanks to those of you who came to our shows, bought our music, played us on the radio, mentioned us in your magazine or website, let us play your bar, bought us drinks and otherwise supported this musical endeavor. We do intend to play this Thursday April 22nd at Central Market in Fort Worth."

Hey: Let's start a pool on which band will break up next! Who's your pick? I'll give odds.

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