A Dozen of Our Favorite Posts and Stories of 2012

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The Story of Pinkish Black Ken Shimamoto took a long, hard look into the history of Fort Worth duo Pinkish Black, the bands they've played in, the deaths they've endured, and the excellent album they put out this year.

The Return of Ronald Shannon Jackson And then he followed it up with this story on DFW-bred jazz drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson, a preview to his singular performance at the Kessler Theater in July:

Before I play a concert, I like to practice the songs for 21 days. That way, when you get to the concert, there's a sense of anticipation, but you just do the same thing you've been doing every day, even though you might play the song differently every day. What I won't do is rehearse the day of the concert. When Paganini was getting ready to play a concert, he wouldn't practice; he'd lie in bed in the dark all day.

Making Our Kids Listen to Fugazi As part of some Very Important Musical Research, copy editor Jesse Hughey asked his kids (ages 10 and 14) to listen to Fugazi's Repeater, and recorded their reactions. It's something we did with a few other DC9 writers' kids, but Iris and Lyle's unfiltered responses were just so perfect:

I gave a little more background on Fugazi and their insistence on low record and concert prices.

Iris: That's so cool! It makes me like them more.

Lyle: That's cool, but I don't really care. I'm not paying for it.

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