Hmmmm...are these two still chummy?

A Possible Roadblock In Sachse Resident Dondria Nicole's Potentially Bright Future., really, I can only assume stands for Sons of Hermann Hall, right?--broke a fairly substantial (if true) rumor to its hip-hop-centric blog yesterday, claiming that Jermaine Dupri's been given the ol' heave-ho from Def Jam.

No doubt that's potentially devastating news for 21-year-old Sachse resident Dondria Nicole, was given the chance of a lifetime after Dupri found her Youtube karaoke clips and signed her to his label.

At this point, Dupri's future is very much up in the's the only one with the story so far (although plenty have linked to theirs)--and until we hear otherwise, so must be Nicole's. We've got a message into her publicist, though, and we'll keep you posted on anything we hear. --Pete Freedman


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