A.Dd+'s Top Eight Moments of SXSW

Dallas own' A.Dd+ had quite the spin during SXSW 2012, playing roughly half a dozen showcases and day parties before getting right back on tour with Black Milk on Saturday. And with each show, they seemed to gather more fans. At their Thursday Audible Treats showcase, they ended the set in the crowd, with everyone in the vicinity screaming, "A.Dd+ Hoe!"

So we thought we'd ask what some of their highlights were. Here is the duo and DJ Sober's top moments from the fest.

1. Seeing Chance from Burning Hotels in the middle of the street screaming "A.Dd+ Muthafuckaaaa" to passing cars, while almost getting ran over by one, Leslie Chow-style.

2. Receiving hard copies of our first full print feature in the Observer on our last day at SXSW.

3. Getting our first encore request ever at the Guns in the Sun showcase at Barbarella.

4. Gary Clark Jr. at the Fader Fort. He MURDERED his guitar.

5. Some random 40-year-old soccer mom saying that her two favorite rap groups are Odd Future and A.Dd+.

6. Being joined by a cow and a taco while performing at the Next Stage showcase at the Austin Convention Center. They danced throughout our entire performance of "Insomniac Dreaming."

7. Watching Sinden rock an amazing set at the Tormenta Tropical party.

8. Diplo asking about us after hearing "Can't You See" in NickNack's ride.

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Audra Schroeder
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