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Air Force Vet Jason Eady May Be the Only Country Musician Who Can Speak Arabic

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You've stated the your new album, Daylight & Dark, is not a concept album. What is it?

The reasons I've said that is a concept album, to me, is written that way. You start out with the idea of telling one character's story from start to finish. You want all those songs to weave together. The only reason I distinguish that from my new album is because I really want to do a concept album. I want to sit down and consciously do that. With this record, it's more after the fact that I looked back and figured all these songs were from the same guy. It just worked out that way instead of being intentional. When I went into the studio with these songs, I realized they were from the same guy, his story over time. They did kind of weave together, but it wasn't intentional when I was writing it. It became intentional when we recorded it. We recorded it with that in mind as one song would fade into the next one. Each song had to work with the song that came after it.

Do you always write autobiographically?

No, not at all. It's about half and half these days. I used to write that way all of the time. You can't always write about your own story because you will only have three albums in you and then you are done. There is only so much you can say about yourself. I think it all has to come from things that you have experienced, something you have gone through. But you can't just write one true story after another. I've gone through all that. I try to look through a character now, put what I know into another person.

Have you thought about writing a novel?

Yes, I have. I don't know if I have the patience for it. I love reading novels by people like Larry McMurtry. I love reading books on writing. I like to know the theory being the writing. I also love telling my stories in 3 or 5 minutes. I like letting that be it. I like going out that night and letting it be immediate. I love that about songs. With books, you can sit in a room by yourself for a year. The immediacy of songwriting appeals to me.

Jason Eady performs on Friday, January 24, at the Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge.

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