Air Review, Andrew Tinker, Some Girl Claiming To Be From Denton All Vying For Final ACL Spot

Well, it's that time of year again, I guess, where (mostly) unknown acts take to the Internet in competition to try and snag the final spot at this year's ACL Fest in the annual battle known as The Sound and The Jury.

By my count, three locals have made it to the final 20 in the voting competition: Denton popster Andrew Tinker, Dallas rockers Air Review and some oddball pop tart named Erin Austin who purports her home to be New York, San Francisco and Denton all at once, curiously enough. Voting in this round lasts till next Friday (August 18); the top five vote-getters will then perform in a live performance battle deal where a final winner will be announced.

The good news? All three acts are among the top six vote-getters at the moment, and thus still in contention. Help 'em out it you like.


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