An Old Friend and An Old Favorite: Spyche Does Slobberbone at the Kessler Theater

Technically I shouldn't even be posting here--too old, so I'm told. So I'll keep this quick and just tell Jeff Liles thanks for posting Spyche's rendition of Slobberbone's "Get Gone Again," a standout from the band's '97 sophomore effort Barrel Chested. The clip was recorded, natch, at the Kessler Theatre in Oak Cliff over the weekend, but altogether timeless for myriad reasons--chief among them the woman behind the guitar, whose cover of Cheap Trick's "The Flame" remains an all-time favorite and one I'll perhaps post this week on the our music blog for the over-40s.

An encore, perhaps, when Slobberbone plays the Granada on August 21? Please? No, really.


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