Another Day, Another Lawsuit Against Andy Dick For Putting His Balls On Someone's Face

The saga of Andy Dick's balls, at least in relation to a 2010 incident at Trees, in which he forced them upon the face of audience member Robert Tucker, now looks to be getting even longer.

Last summer, Trees responded to the lawsuit filed by Mr. Tucker, saying it should not be held responsible for the performer's actions. Trees is now cross-suing Mr. Dick, furthering that claim.

"It has been a very long, drawn-out lawsuit and frankly it's pretty ridiculous," says Trees' co-owner Whitney Barlow. "We can't control one's actions and shouldn't be held accountable for them. Andy Dick was asked to leave, he was not paid and we offered refunds to everyone, including Mr. Tucker."

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That cross-suit would ensure that if Mr. Tucker is awarded favorable judgement against the club, they would be "entitled to contribution" against Mr. Dick, i.e. compensation for court fees.

Mr. Dick was recently seen on Celebrity House Hunting, showing off the shed he apparently lives in. Looks like he might have gotten sober, too. Though, being reminded of his past arrests (Coachella in 2004; a Buffalo Wild Wings in 2008; a Marie Callender's last year) only emphasizes the Ronnie Dobbs-ness of his life.

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