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Another Near-Reunion: Course of Empire

Well, OK, so it's not completely a reunion...or much of one at all, really.

But, still, a real treat coming up tomorrow night at Club Dada, as part of Sunward's month-long artist-in-residency: After opening sets from Young and Brave and Sunward, three members of Sunward (frontman Doug Kershaw, bassist Dave Perry and drummer Josh Hoover) will be joined on stage to perform with two members of Course of Empire (guitarist Mike Graff and drummer Chad Lovell). Together, they'll play a set of Course of Empire songs.

"Ever since we were asked to do the residency, this is something I wanted to do," Sunward frontman Kershaw says. "I asked them and they were interested, and they were. And then I worked up the courage to ask if I could sing. And they said, 'yeah.' Course of Empire is pretty much my favorite band from Dallas, so it's a real honor for me to play with these guys."

There will be a bit of improvisation, Kershaw says, as well as some jammed-out extensions of some of the songs. But other parts will be plenty rehearsed (the musicians gathered to practice their set last night at the Curtain Club).

Kershaw does offer a bit of a warning, though: "There's a slight possibility Chad won't be able to play. He woke up with a 104-degree temperature this morning. But we're gonna wait on him to make that call tomorrow."

Either way, worth checking out.

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