Are Changes Afoot For NX35? Sure Looks It... Even If The Conferette Is Definitely Returning.

The folks behind Denton's NX35 Conferette are staying pretty mum in these very early times leading up to the third year of their fest, which, yes, we know for a fact, straight from organizer Chris Flemmons' mouth in one of the few on-record discussions we've been able to procure, will indeed be returning in 2011.

But, if the above image taken from a new splash page passed along by a friend of the program is any indication, the fest won't be returning as NX35.

Instead, as the image implies, the "conferette" will be renamed and will lose the "NX" half of its moniker. The why's and how's are up in the air--organizers aren't talking at this point--but, if nothing else, the show is still going on. And after a very successful 2010 campaign, that's good news, right?

Also good news: Mark your calendars now, 'cause this sucker looks slated for March 10 through 13.

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