As I Lay Dying Singer Tim Lambesis Posts Bail, Faces Charges of Plotting to Kill His Wife

Talk about falling from grace. Tim Lambesis, the 32-year-old lead singer of the Christian metalcore band As I Lay Dying, is accused of plotting to kill his estranged wife. He posted a $2 million bail on Friday.

Lambesis must wear a GPS monitor and stay away from his estranged wife and children.

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He claimed his estranged wife was being problematic when it came to visitation with his three adopted children from Ethiopia and taking too long to sign the divorce papers. His attorney Thomas Warwick added that steroids were affecting the Christian singer's mind.

Prosecutor Claudia Grasso claims Lambesis dropped $1,000 to kill his estranged wife and admitted on tape that he wanted her dead. The undercover officer who posed as the hitman agrees, as does the poor man at the gym whom Lambesis initially approached to hire a hitman.

Lifting the band's name from a William Faulkner novel, Lambesis formed As I Lay Dying in San Diego in 2000. The band quickly climbed the Billboard charts, and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2008. The band has also won several titles, including "Ultimate Metal God" (MTV2) and "Artist of the Year" at the San Diego Music awards.

The band released this statement on its website:

"In light of recent events, As I Lay Dying will unfortunately not be taking part In the upcoming tour with Killswitch Engage. Given the circumstances, we feel that it is best for the band to be off the road while the current situation gets sorted. We'd like to thank all of our fans for their ongoing support at this difficult time."

And fans were quick to respond on the band's website:

"Wow, God bless you, Tim. I hope you're vindicated. If you need someone to fill in for you. I'm available. I'm a seasoned pro. I'll graciously do it and hand back the mic after your trouble is over."

"I'm glad Tim is feeling something. I hope it's appreciation for the people (like me) who hope that he really didn't do this. If it's not that, I hope it's conviction and penitence. Not that I want him to hurt, but that he knows he did something horribly wrong."

"I'm also available to back you up as a vocalist. I know I can do it."

"I would be happy to fill in on vocals if you need me. Anyway that I can help out, just until Tim can be there."

"As I Lay Dying should play a live show from Tim's house and put it on YouTube."

"They should change their name to 'As I Lay Rotting in Prison."

If convicted, Lambesis faces up to nine years in prison.

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