Astronautalis Releases A Pay-What-You-Want Mix with DJ Fishr Pryce

Astronautalis Releases A Pay-What-You-Want Mix with DJ Fishr Pryce

Earlier this week, SMU alum Astronautalis and longtime DC9 fave DJ Fishr Pryce joined forces to release a new, pay-what-you-want mixtape called DANCEHALLFLOORSOUND!!! I'd try to explain it, but over on the mix's download site, Astronautalis describes for us what the tape is:

A mixed tape (in the contemporary sense of the word) of me reshaping my own strange historical fiction indie rap songs over some of my favorite pop rap beats, coupled with a few songs you may not have heard, an op-ed piece, and some freestyles thrown in for kicks, and all mixed up by my homie DJ Fishr Pryce. This isn't irony, this is appreciation, and experimentation. I am working well out of my comfort zone here, but I am proud of the result. This may disappoint some people, may anger some others, and hopefully raise a few eyebrows...enjoy it folks, this is the time in which we live, and this is exactly who I am.

Pay what you want for this album; all proceeds go to offset some of the costs of the tour I am about to embark upon supporting Tegan & Sara in Australia, a financially tricky endeavor ...but the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks for you support.

Tegan & Sara make a cameo on the disc; so, too, does The Riverboat Gamblers' Mike Wiebe and Astronautalis' current collaborator, P.O.S.

For the most part, even if this is "experimentation," it works greatly--"Mr. Blessington's Imperialist Plot" rapped over the beat from Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say," which itself was a re-appropriation of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," alone makes the disc worth its cost--which, again, is whatever you want it to be. Get it here.


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