Aw, St. Vincent, You're The Best (New Music)!

Pardon if this news is coming a whole 24 hours late--I've been out of the office for the past week and spent my morning sifting through stacks of unopened CDs and an inbox filled with press releases. Oh, the joys of the office!

But I digress.

Regardless of time concerns, it's worth noting, I'd say, that, yesterday, on ye olde Fork de Pitch, Polyphonic Spree member-turned-solo sensation Annie Clark--better known to the masses as St. Vincent--was honored with the notoriously verbose and cynical site's "Best New Music" title. And how, writes 'forker Matthew Perpetua:

Actor proves St. Vincent as an artist capable of crafting believable, complicated characters with compassion, insight, and exacting skill.

Hear, hear! Annie stops through town on Thursday, June 18, for a gig at the Granada Theater. And we'll have our review of Actor ready for next week's print edition.

(SPOILER ALERT: We, too, like it very much, in case our earlier coverage of the disc hasn't already given that impression away. Sorry to ruin it for you.)

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