Back and To The Left: Dallas' Premier Dead Kennedys Tribute Band Reflects On the Big Day

Greetings from your local Dead Kennedy's tribute band, Dallas Über Alles. What better city to have a tribute to the legendary hard-core punk rock act than the one where JFK himself was assassinated? Our first year of playing shows marks the 50th anniversary of the event that our city is most famous for. And now the big day is upon us, where journalists swarm from around the world to participate in one giant conspirathon orgy.

Let it be known that the Dead Kennedy's chose the name "...to bring attention to the end of the American dream." How true is that? At this point in our young country's history, it's absolutely disgusting and pathetic. With greed corruption, bigotry and war running wild -- we wonder; had President Kennedy survived, how would things be different? Bringing to action the wise words of his haunting last speech. If you have never heard this, do yourself a favor and look it up -- now.

It seems as though conspiracy theories are like assholes: Everyone's got one. Where do we start? We like asking questions. Was LBJ involved? Why did Nixon fly in unannounced to Love Field? Who stole John's brain? Was it really Joseph A. Milteer?

Why are we still going over the same evidence that was polluted from the beginning? Nobody believes it. We're not saying that Lee Harvey lacked involvement or that Jack Ruby and his Mob had no hands in the basket, but conspiracy nuts and regular folk alike believe the government was involved. Will they ever admit to such a thing? Our government will never fully investigate themselves. We just take the governments story and rely on that. The easy way out. Job done for you. 25 more years will have to pass before we'll be privy to access.

"That's right, go back to bed America, your government is in control. You are free to do what we tell you." - Bill Hicks

"We can start with not lying so much and treating other people like dirt. It's so easy not to base our lives on how much we can scam." - Jello Biafra

We say, don't do as you're told; think for yourself and be a good person.

One of the reasons we started this band is to wake people up. Don't forget; keep the spirit of rebellion alive. Most of all, ask questions. Jello Biafra said the assassination was the first news event he remembers. It sparked his news addiction. Hell, we weren't even born yet, but it still pisses us off. Rest in peace, John, the president who told some big truths.

Upcoming Dallas Über Alles shows: The Double Wide 12/13, Three Links 12/20, House of Blues 12/27

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.