Ballers and Shotcallers: Play-N-Skillz's Welcome To All-Star Affair

Play-N-Skillz's Welcome to All-Star Affair

Seemed it was a late-arriving crowd at Plush, for the first of Play-N-Skillz's four nights of events at the downtown ultra-lounge: The party was scheduled to kick off at 10 p.m., but even after 11 o'clock, there just weren't many people there--aside from the hosts and some club-goers who'd paid their way in to the venue, at least.

But as the night went on, so too increased the crowd--both in celebrity clout and in size. By midnight, the relatively small nightclub space was pretty packed.

"And it'd be ten times bigger right now if the snow wasn't here," Play allowed during a quick aside in the VIP section as he overlooked his party's draw.

He was pleased, though: A number of other hip-hop luminaries who'd planned to throw parties last night ended up canceling their events altogether. And, in the case of Bun B and DJ Drop, each re-arranged their own night's plans to suddenly include attending Play-N-Skillz's bash.

But it wasn't necessarily an all-out party, per se. Some attendees were dancing--a few more emphatically than others--while others were simply cluttered in groups of friends, sharing conversation or, more often than not, gossiping about the celebrities showing up in the room.

And no entrance was bigger than that of Terrell Owens, who showed up to the club at around 1:30 a.m., strolled in with an entourage and was immediately recognized and welcomed over the PA system, which had been commandeered by DJ A Bay Bay, who, after being handed a microphone earlier in the night, never relinquished that power.

But Play was satisfied--especially given the weather.

"Look at all the people here," he said excitedly while racing past the DJ booth shortly before the last call for alcohol and nodding back toward the former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver perched atop a couch in the back right corner of the room. "Even T.O.!"

Celebs Spotted: Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens; Dallas Cowboys Ken Hamlin, Isaiah Stanback and Andre Gurode; Houston rappers Bun B and Slim Thug; St. Louis rapper Murphy Lee; Dallas Maverick Roddy Beaubois; model Gloria Velez; Dallas rappers Play-N-Skillz, Big Tuck and Inertia; DJ Drop; DJ A Bay Bay; Big Tuck.

Celebs promoted: Play-N-Skillz, the Dallas Desire, Ken Hamlin, A Bay Bay.

Drinks Slung: In the VIP section, it was all Belvedere Vodka, all the time.

Music Played: D-Town Boogie, almost on the exclusive--with some other Dirty South favorites thrown in.

Clothes Worn: Club-going attire for the attendees. Halloween-like slutty referee get-ups for the cocktail waitresses.

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