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Beats, Strobes and Shirtlessness: The Best (and Worst) of EDM at Lights All Night 2013

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Lights All Night's radiant, million dollar productions make for the most interesting ceiling watching imaginable. OK, ceiling watching isn't a real thing, but after this weekend it should be. The streaming rays of transparent light, the whiteout strobes, and the living color stage projections all find their endpoint on the Dallas Convention Center's ceiling. This brilliant luminescence runoff, a cross between low hanging stars and phosphorescent marine life, produces a manic procession of flickering shadows that's like pictures perpetually moving in and out of focus. At its most gorgeous, the DCC's ceiling is a pinball machine malfunctioning with schizophrenic, beautiful effect

As headliner Deadmau5 delays his start time due to audio equipment difficulties, a disgruntled fan behind me spouts a line of welcome, deadpan honesty, "It's not that hard, just press play!" A note to cynics: the EDM legions are self-aware--they have their DJ heroes pegged.

I'm informed that one of the women's restroom floors is caked with glitter and blood.

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Jonathan Patrick

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