Behind Cheap Trick's New Eight-Track Release? A Little Company In Arlington, Go Figure.

Over on Unfair Park this morning, Robert just posted the quite-interesting story of Arlington's KTS Productions. Who? Just the folks who made the marketing ploy for Cheap Trick's new album, The Latest, come true, no big deal.

How so? Ah, there's the rub: KTS just may be the last eight-track-tape-makers. And, yep, that's how Cheap Trick wanted to press its new record--well, at least partially. Enter KTS Productions. Enter a trend returning to relevence about 20 years after its demise. Actually, that sounds about right, come to think about it.

And, on that note, I'm starting a pool to see which area act decides to try this route out for its own next release. And, for the record: Zanzibar Snails, my money's on you.

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