Bend Studio Moves All Upcoming Shows to Rock House Film Studio

Ally David (not pictured here) would have to bend over backwards to hold concerts at her yoga studio. (Julian Andrews)

Despite reassurances to the contrary, the likelihood of live music at Bend Studio in the future looks pretty doubtful.

All upcoming shows have been moved a couple miles south to Rock House Films, according to Bend's Web page.

"We're in limbo right now," says Bend owner Ally David. "We're in such a gray area. Everybody at the city is perplexed as to how to classify us."

David says she isn't sure that it would be worthwhile to continue having shows at the yoga studio if they are limited to an occupancy of 50, and is considering a move to a bigger space.

"I'm not even sure I want to mess with this space," she says. "It's really evolved into something more than what it started as. Really, if I'd put thought into it from the beginning and known we were going to do shows, I'm not sure we would have chosen it."

The next Bend-booked show is the September 5 Ari Heist performance at Rock House Films.--Jesse Hughey

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