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Bitch, They're Wired Up: Young Joc Signs Them GSpot Boyz To Jive Records

Laugh all you want at the sheer audacity of the D-Town Boogie movement, Alibaster K. Abthernabther. But the train's already rolling--and picking up steam, too.

Today comes even more proof of that fact: Them GSpot Boyz, the fellas responsible for the monster local smash dance-hit "Stanky Legg" (as seen above--with almost 2.9 million views) have now got themselves a contract with a major label.

Yesterday, hip-hop sites werre ablaze with the breaking news that Young Joc, who runs an imprint called Swagg Team Entertainment on Jive Records, has signed Them GSpot Boyz to his label.

Says Atlanta's Young Joc in the press release announcing the signing:

"I walked in the house one day, and my five-year-old daughter and my nephew asked me if I knew how to do the 'Stanky Leg'. It was a dance they learned off of YouTube. But when they pulled up the video, it wasn't the group doing it, it was this little girl and her dad. And that's what really caught my eye."
The local five-piece is the second act signed to Joc's label. --Pete Freedman

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Pete Freedman
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