Blackbird Harmony Gets Some Year-End List Love (OK, From Some Blog We've Never Heard Of ).

Good news today for Evan Birdsong, the man behind the tangtrastic Blackbird Harmony: Hardwood Exits (which we quite glowingly reviewed back in October) has made the slowcoustic blog's year-end top 25 albums list, coming in as the blogger's choice for the 23rd best record of the year. Which is saying something, I think.

And while there's no write-up explaining the choice, slowcoustic does pair Hardwood Exit's selection with a free download of the song "Pictures of You" (get it here--and, yep, it goes quite well with the free mp3 we offered of "Caution & Dispatch").

No, slowcoustic doesn't have the clout of, say, Dallas' own Gorilla Vs Bear, which, last week put out both its albums of the year and its songs of the year lists, complete with ample mp3 downloads, but it's certainly a nice pat on the back for Birdsong and his collaborators. --Pete Freedman


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