Air Review's debut album, Landmarks, came seemingly from out of nowhere in 2009 and immediately proved this band as Dallas' most ready-for-arenas outfit -- and not just because of the bombast packed in to every single note on that disc. No, this five-piece is one that painstakingly prepares its live efforts, too -- and it shows, time and time again onstage.

But, perhaps lost behind all this arena-ready rock is the band's sheer musicianship -- something that impresses in takes like "Jura," off the band's debut, which showcase this band to be just as meticulous as it is anthemic. That's what the band is trying to again showcase, we think, in this new mp3 the band's just passed along our way -- an acoustic take of its own Muse-meets-swamp-rock single, "Chasing Corporate." And, boy do they.

Give the song a listen after the jump. Then go catch the band at Trees tonight, where the band will headline a stacked all-local bill also featuring Radiant, The Orange and God's Joke.

Bonus MP3: Air Review Goes Acoustic!

Bonus mp3:

Air Review -- "Chasing Corporate (acoustic)"

This could, like, totally be our only chance, dudes.

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