Regular DC9 readers already know where we stand on Aledo's Dan Hunter, the artist formerly known as PlayRadioPlay!, who, these days, goes by the name Analog Rebellion. Basically: We dig. Very much.

Which makes this announcement kind of a good news/bad news thing: Come fall, the 20-year-old Hunter's gonna be enrolling in college, starting on the track toward earning his degree in architecture. But it's not all bad, Hunter says. He might not be touring as often, but he's planning on writing a whole lot more music.

He's already got plenty: This year, he released the great Ancient Electrons album (one of my favorite local release of the year so far), as well as a 40-song, two-disc B-sides album, and an EP he sold while on tour earlier this summer. Now, though, Hunter has decided to to give the six-song EP, called Cavanaugh, Something, which spawned two great mp3s that Hunter already passed our way as free downloads, away as a completely free release. Grab it here.

Oh, and he's also got another EP in the works--a "stripped-down EP" called Dogs are Better Than Cats. And he's passed that upcoming album's opening track, "Dogs Are Better Than Cats Are Better Than Gods," as yet another free download for DC9 readers. Check out the song, which highlights Hunter's increasingly impressive vocals, after the jump.

Bonus MP3: Analog Rebellion -- "Dogs Are Better Than Cats Are Better Than Gods"

Bonus mp3: Analog Rebellion -- "Dogs Are Better Than Cats Are Better Than Gods"

We here at DC9 are obviously huge fans of how far Hunter's music has come in the past year. And while we certainly wish him the best in his studies, for purely selfish reasons, we also hope he continues exploring his own musical progression. Because, clearly, he's got our complete attention at this point.

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