We've shared more than a few Analog Rebellion tracks with DC9 readers over the course of the past year. Can't help it, really. Dude just keeps putting out tracks that make our black, Pixies-loving hearts jump--and at a startling pace, too.

Even though the artist formerly known as PlayRadioPlay! has enrolled in college at The University of Texas at Arlington to study architecture, he's still somehow managed to release over 65 songs this year between his killer full-length Analog Rebellion debut (Ancient Electrons) his B-sides collection (Besides, Nothing), his pre-sides EP (Something, Cavanaugh) and his most recent stripped-down EP (Dogs Are Better Than Cats). Which would just be obnoxious, except for the fact that, well, it's all really good.

And now comes news that there's even more on the way: Earlier this week, Hunter announced the upcoming release of a new EP called Evaders, which, Hunter promises, isn't just more filler.

"A while back," he wrote in a message to his fans earlier this week, "I half-jokingly coined a genre called 'Stadium Lo-Fi.' Only half joking because, while it is contradictory in nature, I still think it's useful to describe the sound I have been striving to build over the last few years. This new EP, Evaders, is probably the best example of that sound to date. Simultaneously big and in your face whilst also being spacey, intimate, and raw. Big in scope bull small in execution, perhaps."

In other words: It's everything we love about what Hunter's been doing in 2010, only more streamlined. And the 21-year-old's been kind enough to offer the first taste of this new material, a song called "Your Wife, Your Kids, Your Family, Your Friends," as a free download to DC9 readers. Grab it after the jump.

Bonus MP3: Analog Rebellion -- "Your Wife, Your Kids, Your Family, Your Friends"

Bonus mp3:

Analog Rebellion -- "Your Wife, Your Kids, Your Family, Your Friends"

Hide your wife and hide your kids, y'all.

And catch Analog Rebellion live at The Loft on Thursday, November 4, with Appleseed Cast and The Rocketboys.

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