Bonus MP3: Beauxregard -- "Hollywood Forever"

In this week's print edition, you'll find Jesse Hughey's review of Beauxregard's new When Balloons Were Sleeves release--and a heckuva a positive one at that. Writes Jesse: "It's a good introduction to a band that knows how to craft a great song."

So, on that note, here's one of those songs for download...

Bonus mp3:

Beauxregard -- "Hollywood Forever"

Beauxregard -- "Hollywood Forever"

Jesse points out that it's refreshing to see a local band with more of a Bowie than Curtis influence in the vocals, and yeah, I have to agree. But me? I hear more Brandon Flowers than Bowie. And Beauxregard's not the only band around town that gives me that vibe (see: Sparklepussy Barbie, with its slightly harder, more electro-rock feel). Not that this is a bad thing. I'm something of a Killers apologist...

Anyway, a Beauxregard-Sparklepussy Barbie double-bill might not be a bad fit somewhere down the line, if you ask me. But, no, you didn't. --Pete Freedman

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