Wanz Dover, aka Blixaboy

Bonus MP3: Blixaboy -- "Lion Eyes (featuring Emil Rapstine of The Angelus)"

Continuing along with our promise to stuff you full with free mp3s from promising new local artists this week, we now point your eyes and ears in the direction of Wanz Dover's new(ish) project, Blixaboy. Dover, local music fans surely know, is hardly a newcomer to the scene, long having participated in a number of local bands and as one of the area's more confounding, yet also rewarding, DJs.

Last year, he debuted the Blixaboy moniker as a means to put out his own dubstep-leaning electronic creations, releasing his first long-player, Digital Daze Vol. 1. Today, though, marks the release of his second full-length, called Kliks & Politiks and released on his own Astroblaque label. And it shows some serious growth, too. It's dubstep, sure--Dover's a little obsessed on that front--but more laid-back than other offerings within the genre. And it's nothing if not alluring, both on record and in live settings as Dover, who has already earned the thumbs-up from the so-called Queen of Dubstep, keeps audiences enthralled by jumping back and forth from his MPC to his theremin, as he's (sometimes) accompanied with a live drummer.

An unrelenting, head-spinning collection of various sounds, Kliks & Politiks races along without ever feeling rushed--and, largely, without the accompaniment of vocals. There's one notable exception to that rule, though: the song "Lion Eyes," for which Dover enlisted Emil Rapstine, frontman for local outfit The Angelus, for vocal duties. Dover's been kind enough to pass along that track as a free download to DC9 readers. Grab it after the jump, where you'll also find an embedded player that allows you to stream the new record in full.

Bonus mp3:

Blixaboy -- "Lion Eyes (featuring Emil Rapstine)"

It's a near-perfect matching of beat and vocal, with Dover's icy cool offering and Rapstine's distant vocals complementing each other masterfully.

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