Bonus MP3: Chucky Sly, Bavu Blakes and Headkrack -- "Fire in the Firmament"

Back in October, Nic Hernandez hipped us all to Chucky Sly, or, as he calls him, "your favorite local rapper's favorite local rapper." Catchy, right? Well, this week, Sly returns with a new track called "Fire in the Firmament," and he's joined by a couple other favorites in the local backpacker scene: Austin's Bavu Blakes, who visits and performs in DFW often enough to essentially be considered a local, and Dallas ex-pat Headkrack, who currently resides in Atlanta.

The resulting track, produced by Dallas resident DJ Second Sense, is a lyrical force to be reckoned with, all laid out over an alluring jazz-infused beat. Well worth the cost of the download, we think--especially since it's free, courtesy of Second Sense, who passed the track our way.

Check the track and give it a download after the jump.

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Bonus mp3:

Chucky Sly, Bavu Blakes and Headkrack -- "Fire in the Firmament"

Fire, indeed. But a nice, slow burn in this case.

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