Bonus MP3: DeepSpace5 -- "Killing With Kindness"

Fine. It's Christian rap. Whatever. But here's the thing about the 10-piece hip-hop supergroup known as


: They're pretty damn legit, having moved over 100,000 discs since its first release in 1998, and having shared the stage with the likes of KRS-One, Atmosphere and MF Doom. Check the above video, which took home the second-place prize when it was debuted in a competition at the 2008 Skribble Jam, for some evidence.

Earlier this week, the collective, which features three Dallas emcees (Playdough, Freddie  Bruno and Sivion), released The Future Ain't What It Used To Be for Rob Viktum's Mega Royal Records. It's kind of a banger, folks--not to mention the fledgling label's biggest release to date.

After the jump, download a free mp3 of the backpacker jam, "Killing With Kindness." Listening is believing. In DeepSpace5, that is. Or, well, whatever, I guess.

Bonus mp3:

DeepSpace5 -- "Killing With Kindness"

In a word: fire.

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