Bonus MP3: Delmore Pilcrow -- "Unsigned Letter"

Earlier this month, in a review of Delmore Pilcrow's sophomore release, Keep An Eye, Kelly Dearmore got to the heart of the band's sound right at the start of his take:

If The Strokes are considered a garage-rock band, and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears are regularly labeled as a garage-soul collective, then Denton's Delmore Pilcrow must be garage-twang. Continue reading...

And, continued Dearmore, garage-twang is quite the treat, turns out, the kind of stuff that "will appeal to all types of wearers of tight-fitting jeans--whether they be Wranglers or they of the skinny variety."

Now you can judge for yourself, since the band's been kind enough to pass along a free song for DC9 readers to listen to and download. So, after the jump, give "Unsigned Letter" a listen.

It's the second song the band's offered up as a free mp3 from the disc; the title track to Keep an Eye, as well as the title track from 2008's Worn to the Weft, are both currently available for free download on the band's web site.

Anyway, check it out.

Bonus mp3:

Delmore Pilcrow -- "Unsigned Letter"

I'll second Dearmore on this one: Garver's vocals "aren't likely going to win him a scholarship to the Julliard School," but I'll be damned if they're not compelling as hell.

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