Bonus MP3: Dorrough -- "Get Em Live"

In this week's paper, Ben Westhoff chats up Dorrough, or as he calls himself, Mr. D-O-Double-R, in advance of the release of the Lancaster-based rapper's sophomore effort, Get Big, which hits stores on Tuesday.

Seems there are two roads before the 23-year-old born Dorwin Dorrough: Either he can capitalize on the success of his last year-released album Dorrough Music, of which 70,000 units were sold, and which featured the platinum-selling single "Ice Cream Paint Job," or he'll turn out to be something of a flash in a pan, a microcosm of the prevailing national opinion that Dallas' mainstream hip-hop efforts are too gimmicky to ever be taken seriously.

Dorrough, to his credit, is confident that the first scenario will be the one to play out: "Most gimmicky songs don't go platinum," Dorrough defensively told Westhoff in their discussion. "If it was that much of a gimmick, we wouldn't be here on the phone discussing another album."

Touche. And, in his defense, Westhoff's on board with the new disc, writing that "it's not hard to imagine hearing nearly every track from the album on the radio."

That's Dorrough's argument, too. And after already releasing "Get Big" as his album's lead single and after leaking the song "Freaky" as part of his response to his stolen sex tape possibly getting published, the rapper leaked another song from his album today. Give "Get Em Live," which features Jim Jones, a listen and download after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Dorrough -- "Get Em Live (feat. Jim Jones)"

Borrows a little bit from Remember the Titans, huh?

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