Bonus MP3: Doug Burr -- "Red, Red"

Alright, area Doug Burr fans: The wait is over. On Tuesday, May 4, the treasured area singer-songwriter will release his third full-length album (not counting The Shawl, apparently--his publicists aren't) and the follow-up do his mind-blowingly affecting folk masterpiece, On Promenade. Called O Ye Devastator, this album, like Burr's last was recorded in Austin's Ramble Creek Studios. And from what we've been able to hear of it so far, it's another winner from Burr, again filled with dense, thoughtful tracks that fans have come to expect of his work.

Obviously we'll have more on the album and Burr as the release date nears, but, for now, check the jump, as Burr and his joint labels of Spune and Velvet Blue Music have been kind enough to pass along "Red, Red," the album's fourth cut, for DC9 readers to download as a preview of the disc, free of charge. Also after the jump? The album's kind of haunting cover art.

Bonus mp3: Doug Burr -- "Red, Red"

Welcome back, old friend.

Oh, and the artwork:

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