Bonus MP3: Foo Fighters -- "DOA (LehtMoJoe Remix)"

We've brought up LehtMoJoe a few times now on DC9, mentioning Grand Prairie native Vincent Sliva's various remixes, and marveling at his production rate--and, specifically, how he planned to release a new remix ever week leading up to the release of his solo album, Spaghetti Western.

Well, on Friday night, Leht's release will finally see the light of day as he hosts a free CD release party for the disc at the Granada Theater, with Mount Righteous and Anonymous???? on the bill as support. And, as such, his remix project has finally come to an end this week, with Leht's remix takes to task the Foo Fighters' "DOA."

You can read more about his party--as well as Sliva--in this week's dead-tree music section. But, in the meantime, check his latest mix after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Foo Fighters -- "DOA (LehtMoJoe Remix)"


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