Bonus MP3: Fur -- "Faces"

We've raved about Bryce Isbell's FUR project in this space before, so you're no doubt already familiar with the Denton-based artist's enthralling brand electro-trance by now. True, the disc is probably being incorrectly perceived by many in the outside media as just another chillwave project because of Isbell's collaborations with Alana Palomo on the song "Black Castles", but it's more than that--some 11 tracks more, in fact, on FUR's debut release for Waaga Records, Witches.

The album saw its official release back on February 23, and you can expect a review of the disc in an upcoming issue of the Observer. Can't wait? Then head up to Rubber Gloves in Denton tonight, where Isbell will be hosting a CD release/listening party for the new disc.

Or, even more immediately, hit the jump to stream and download Witches' opening song, the surprisingly gorgeous and affecting "Faces," for free, courtesy of the label. Also after the jump? Find the link to a free download for FUR's split EP release with Detroit's Coyote Clean Up, Lackadaisical, which is also being released by the folks at Waaga.

Bonus mp3:

FUR -- "Faces"

A little different than what you were expecting, perhaps? Don't be surprised: Isbell's onto something pretty unique here with this project. Download Lackadaisical right here for more proof.

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