Bonus MP3: John Grant with Midlake -- "Chicken Bones"

It was back in February when we first caught wind of Midlake's supporting role on the new, debut solo effort from John Grant, former frontman of The Czars. Called Queen of Denmark and released on April 6, the album was recorded in Denton while Midlake was on breaks from its recording its own recent opus, The Courage of Others--and doing so kind of saved Grant's life.

So it must be some powerful stuff, right? Maybe. In this week's paper, Kelly Dearmore offers up his take on Grant's effort:

It's as if John Grant asked Midlake what it might do if he were to sing out of key, and they smiled back a response of "More flute, maybe?" It works, though: This album is a stunner and needs little else. Continue reading...

Indeed. And Grant's folks have been kind enough to let us offer up DC9 readers a taste of the disc. After the jump, give "Chicken Bones" and a right-click "Save As..."

Bonus mp3: John Grant with Midlake -- "Chicken Bones"

Surprisingly funky? Delightfully so. Good to hear Midlake having fun in its role and flexing some muscle. And Grant sounds damn-near joyous if not a little cheeky.

Dig it. Ya dig?

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