Bonus MP3: Johnny Ringo feat. Bun B -- "Sweeping Up The Block"

Hilariously gritty press photos of Duncanville rapper Johnny Ringo stuffing people into the trunk of his Cadillac (like the one to the left here) aside, the rapper actually manages to boast a pretty interesting flow and a decent following, somehow amassing well over 350,000 profile views on his Myspace page and thousands of listens to various tracks posted for streaming on that site as well.

But numbers are just numbers, and Myspace number-boosting bots are of constant concern in this day and age...

So, fortunately for him, Ringo's now got something maybe a little more legitimate on his side: A guest turn from legendary Houston rapper and UGK co-founder Bun B, who steps in for a verse on a remix for Ringo's "Sweeping Up The Block". Check it out. Download it, if ya like. Just be warned that some of the lyrics are a little, um, explicit and maybe a little borderline homophobic. But what else is new in the world of white rappers?

Bonus mp3:

Johnny Ringo -- "Sweeping Up The Block (feat. Bun B)"

Nice blues sample-heavy beat, yeah?

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