Bonus MP3: Katie Carroll -- "Paper Girl"

It was about a month ago now when I first came across Katie Carroll's "Paper Girl" via my pal Mark Schectman, host of KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge's "The Local Edge" (not to mention an Observer music section contributor, hey hey). He was playing the song on pretty much constant rotation for a few weeks there--and for good reason, too. "Paper Girl" is a gorgeous track. Just crushes me, really.

And here's the thing: The folk-pop song appears to be among the first thing Carroll's ever done. I spoke with her just a little bit ago over the phone and, sure enough, "Paper Girl" is the title track off her upcoming debut--which, she promises, is coming... soon. Live shows are on the way as well, although, at this point, Carroll's not sure on when we can expect those, either.

The good news? The album's done at this point. And the artwork's almost finished as well. So it should all be happening in the near future.

"I'm just now getting ready for all that," Carroll says with a bit of a nervous giggle. "And I can't wait."

After the jump, you'll see why you should maybe start getting excited, too. Carroll's been kind enough to pass along "Paper Girl," for your free downloading pleasure. Go grab it. And then proceed to turn into a big pile of mush.

Bonus mp3:

Katie Carroll -- "Paper Girl"

Katie Carroll -- "Paper Girl"

Heartbreaking, huh?

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