Bonus MP3: Kessler -- "Dallas"

Due out on July 8.

It's been a really slow blog day here at DC9. Sorry 'bout that--busy day, not much to blog about, yada yada yada.

Yeah, so...

Here's an mp3 for you to download. It's from Kessler, an alt-rock act from Rockwall that's a big hit in the whole The Door and Plano Centre circuit. Caught them this weekend at The Door's 10-year Anniversary Party this weekend. And--hey!--you can read all about my thoughts on that show in tomorrow's paper.

Anyway, Kessler's got a new CD, I Know Your Voice, due out on July 8 from YMA Records. And things are looking up for the five-piece: According to vocalist Mike Mitchell, the band' first single, "Outside Your Window," has started earning some Top 40 radio airplay. Or, rather, it got played once on a station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So he's told.

"We were played right after a Chris Brown song," he says.

And that's really all he knows about that. But, well, it's something. And Mitchell's pleased, to be sure.

This download isn't that song, though. Rather, it's a track called "Dallas," and it's about leaving a girl you love and how, every time you think of her, you think of home. And home, in this case, in, well, Dallas.

Bonus MP3:

Kessler -- "Dallas"

Kessler -- "Dallas"

Say it with me: "Awwwww." --Pete Freedman

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