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Bonus MP3: Kidz in the Hall -- "Simple Life (feat. Amanda Diva and Prod. by Picnic)"

Chicago and Jersey-based hip-hop duo Kidz in the Hall has been earning all kinds of shine of late, much thanks to its just-dropped third release, Land of Make Believe, and the above lead single, "Jukebox," which features a little help from MC Lyte even. Nice video too, actually.

And, en route to SXSW, the Naledge and Double-O will be in town tonight for a headlining gig atop an all-hip-hop bill at The Green Elephant. Among other acts featured on the bill is Dallas emcee and producer Picnic. But that's not where the story ends. Turns out Picnic's got a production credit on Land of Make Believe. And Kidz in the Hall was kind enough to pass the song along for the DC9 reader's downloading pleasure--y'know to see how our hometown boy did and all.

Download the song--and read Kidz in the Hall's answers to our questions about it--after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Kidz in the Hall -- "Simple Life (feat. Amanda Diva and Prod. by Picnic)"

Kidz in the Hall -- "Simple Life (feat. Amanda Diva and Prod. by Picnic)"

Not bad. Good enough to take some precious time out of our SXSW preparations to talk to the duo, over email, at least.

What does The Land Of Make Believe mean for Kidz In The Hall?
Land of make believe is the space between trying to achieve all dreams that you wanted to reach and trying to escape the reality that which you live in. It also has to do with trying to stay true to your original self while being thrust in the cusp of stardom.

How did the track " Simple Life" come up--and how'd you get connected with Picnic?
I met Picnic while he was still a part of PPT. We did a tour with Baatin of Slum Village together. We bonded immediately and we made a lot of demos together for a mixtape because I loved his sounds. "Simple Life" was the best of the demos we got. And Double-O loved it.

What can fans expect from the Crowd Control tour?
Energy. Energy and more Energy.

Got any favorite things about Dallas?
Barbecue spots that stay open late are great. I also like the sports culture in Dallas. It reminds me of Chicago. Erykah Badu is probably my favorite thing about Dallas...lol.

Kidz in the Hall performs tonight at The Green Elephant.

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